Squidward: Wow. Squidward, this is the best soufflé you have ever created. Congratulations, chef! [gets dressed off screen by taking a shower, gargling, and brushing his teeth. Comes out in a tuxedo and sits down but he hears giggling coming from outside. He goes to check on it and notices SpongeBob and Patrick playing with bubbles. SpongeBob whispers into the bubble and it floats right next to Patricks head and pops]SpongeBob Bubble: Hi, Patrick.[Patrick giggles as he whispers into a bubble and sends it over to SpongeBob where it pops]Patrick Bubble: Hi, SpongeBob.[SpongeBob giggles as Squidward gets irritated and makes a bubble of his own from the liquid of his soufflé. SpongeBob whispers into another bubble]SpongeBob: [whispering into bubble] Patrick, you're my best friend in the whole neighborhood.[bubble floats over but is interrupted when Squidward whispers into his "bubble". Squidwards bubble pops SpongeBobs bubble by kicking it. Squidwards bubble floats over to Patrick and pops]Squidward Bubble: Patrick, you are the dumbest idiot it has ever been my misfortune to know. [Patrick frowns then sends a bubble over to SpongeBob]Patrick Bubble: Do you really think that, SpongeBob?SpongeBob: [whispering into the bubble] Of course, Patrick. Anyone with eyes can see that. [bubble floats over to Patrick and pops. Then another bubble floats back over to SpongeBob]Patrick Bubble: Yeah? Well I think you're ugly. [another bubble comes over and pops] Yellow is ugly. [2 other bubbles, but smaller, floats over and pops and gives SpongeBob a raspberry]SpongeBob: [whispering into the bubble] Patrick, what are you talking about? [bubble floats over to Patrick. One of Squidwards bubbles floats over to SpongeBob and pops]Squidward Bubble: SpongeBob, I no longer wish to know you. [SpongeBob gasps] You give bottom dwellers a bad name. [Squidward creates a bunch more. One floats over to SpongeBob] If I had a dollar for every brain you don't have, I'd have one dollar. [Squidward laughs. Another bubble floats over to Patrick] Hey Patrick, I heard there was a job opening down at the pet some newspaper!Patrick: [stands up and yells at SpongeBob] And that makes you a big dummy, you dummy!SpongeBob: [stands up and yells at Patrick] Yeah, well that means that, are you!Patrick: Well, you're a turkey!SpongeBob: What's that? [at this point, Squidward comes out with a lawn chair and his soufflé]Patrick: It's what you are!SpongeBob: Well you're a bigger one!Patrick: Well you're still yellow! And you know what else is yellow?SpongeBob: What?Patrick: You are!SpongeBob: Oh, yeah? Well it doesn't matter what you call me, 'cause I never wanna see you again anyway! [goes back inside through the back door and turns around] Aww, tartar sauce! [shuts door. Patrick opens his rock and slams it on himself and comes up all squished and sounding like an accordion. Squidward laughs a lot and puts the soufflé and fork in his mouth. He chokes on the fork and turns a deeper shade of blue as the letter "K" appears in his left eye and the letter "O" appears in his right eye and flashes appears. Squidward passes out]Patrick: Wow, Squidward, you're choking! [runs over to Squidward] Uhh...uhh, I know what to do, but I should wash my hands first. Oh, well. [takes a big, deep breath and does CPR on Squidward. As he is doing this, each one of Squidwards tentacles suction cups pops up. Eventually, the fork comes out and Patrick grabs it] I win!Squidward: Wow! Patrick, you saved me!Patrick: I did?Squidward: Yup! You're a real lifesaver, friend! [shakes Patricks hands]Patrick: Friend? [holds Squidward] Friend...Squidward: Yeah, Patrick, we're friends [steps back], just friends. [both notice SpongeBob in his window gazing down with a blank stare]Patrick: So what're we gonna do tonight, best friend? [walks with Squidward over to the Easter island head]Squidward: Well, I was going to practice my clarinet solo.Patrick: Clarinet? I love music!SpongeBob: Ahh, who needs them? They'r

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