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O Anfitrião do Fantasma
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Informação do Episodio
Ghost Host
Temporada №: 4
Episodio №: 70b
Estreia: 5 de Maio de 2006
Episodio(s) Irmão(s): Olá, Chimpanzés
Convidado(s): Brian Doyle-Murray
Escritor(es): Zeus Cervas

Erik Wiese Tim Hill

Artista(s) de Storyboard: Zeus Cervas

Erik Wiese

Supervisor de Produção: Paul Tibbitt
Diretor(es) de Animação: Alan Smart
Diretor Tecnico: Vincent Waller
Anterior: Sra. Puff, Está Demitida
Próximo: Aniversário da Baleia
Lista dos episodios

"O Anfitrião do Fantasma" é um episódio da 4ª da série Bob Esponja Calça Quadrada. Neste episodio, Bob Esponja hospeda o Holândes Voador em sua casa


Malleus Mallificarum (a) - Dave Hewson [title card]   The Haunted Castle - Paddy Kingsland [Flying Dutchman's ship appears]   Dramatic Impact 2 - Ivor Slaney [ship crashes]   Magical Effect H - Paddy Kingsland [Dutchman falls]   The Dreadnought Tea Clipper (b) - Tim Laycock, Robert Alexander White [Dutchman calls Roadside Assistance]   Malleus Mallificarum (a) - Dave Hewson ["The Flying Dutchman!"]   Terror by Night - Hubert Clifford ["I'm stuck here while me ship is being repaired."]   Comic Walk (Sidney Torch Version) - Sidney Torch [Squidward says he doesn't believe in ghosts]   Dramatic Impact 5 - Ivor Slaney ["Gary!"]   Finders Creepers - Paddy Kingsland [Dutchman pets Gary]   Dramatic Impact 3 - Ivor Slaney [Dutchman eats Gary]   Lap Steel - Nicolas Carr ["Gary!"]   The Dreadnought Tea Clipper (b) - Tim Laycock, Robert Alexander White ["Nothing better than giving a good scare."]   Frankenstein's Niece A - Gregor F. Narholz ["Don't get too comfortable!"]   Dramatic Cue (a) - Ronald Hanmer [Dutchman scaring SpongeBob]   Steel Sting (d) - Jeremy Wakefield [SpongeBob laughs]   Vibe Q Sting - Nicolas Carr ["Hmm?"]   Steel Licks (c) - Jeremy Wakefield [skeleton in drawer]   The Jitters - Raymond C. Jones [SpongeBob bored as Dutchman tries to scare him]   Vibe Sting - Nicolas Carr ["Hmm?"]   Dramatic Cue (d) - Ronald Hanmer ["I've seen all your tricks."]   Botany Bay (b) - Robert Alexander White ["I know when I'm washed up."]   Happy Jose - Ulrich Hans Wenzel [mattress store]   Boys and Girls - Brian Peters [little girl jumping rope]   Lap Steel - Nicolas Carr ["It's official... I'm not scary anymore."]   Steel Licks (d) - Jeremy Wakefield ["Maybe I just need a break."]   ? - six months later...   Beach Party - Harry Bluestone [Dutchman having a party]   Steel Licks (a) - Jeremy Wakefield ["All righty, boys, party's over."]   The Dreadnought Tea Clipper (b) - Tim Laycock, Robert Alexander White ["You're a ghost of your former self."]   The Power Within - self-awareness video   Hawaiian Link (b) - Richard Myhill [Dutchman cries]   ? - "It's time to get serious."   Furtive Footsteps - Paddy Kingsland ["Let's start you off easy."]   The Beast Within - Paddy Kingsland [Dutchman tries to scare an old lady]   Hawaiian Cocktail - Richard Myhill ["Lonnie, there's this great new product called toothpaste."]   Kings Messenger - Sam Fonteyn [SpongeBob flying on Dutchman's back]   The Beast Within - Paddy Kingsland [Dutchman enters gym]   California Baby B - Jerry Burnham, Wayne Cook [Larry flexing muscles]   Shock (f) - Dave Hewson [Dutchman tries to scare him]   California Baby B - Jerry Burnham, Wayne Cook ["My latissimus dorsi has gone flabby!"]   Here's Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (b) - Tim Laycock, Robert Alexander White ["It's no use, SpongeBob."]   Harp Ding - Nicolas Carr ["Wait a minute!"]   Steel Sting (Original Version) - Jeremy Wakefield [SpongeBob whispering to Dutchman]   The Stalker - Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin [Squidward gets out of bed]   Red Alert - Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin [green fog appears]   ? - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony [clarinet]   House of Horror (5) - W. Merrick Farran [Dutchman scares Squidward]   Musical Box (c) - Dave Hewson [Dutchman's finger trick]   House of Horror (5) - W. Merrick Farran ["No! No! That's impossible!"]   Hilo March - The Hawaiian Serenaders ["Dutchie, it worked!"]

  House of Horror (5) - W. Merrick Farran [ending]